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Piano Piano is not just an invitation to slown down the hectic pace of life, is the care given to every detail of our suites to create fascinating and out of time environments ... just like Sassi di Matera!


3, Recinto I Fiorentini


Tel:  +39 333 8651005


Piano Piano Rooms Ali
Suite Muhammad Ali
Suite on one floor, cosy with its décor of unique pieces crated with recycled materials
Piano Piano Rooms PPP
Suite Pier Paolo Pasolini
Suite on two floors, spacious and full of charm, welcomes you with its simplicity relaxing

social hall


The sense of a project

"Few materials, rigour and simplicity inspire the concept of living. PIANOPIANOrooms invites you to slow down, to feel and experience the quality of  places and people. It is not an alternative or trendy way , but it's the only possible to investigate with awareness cultural landscapes such as  Matera UNESCO's site. " 

arch. Domenico Fiore

Piano Piano - rooms, in the heart of Sasso Barisano, allows you to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Sassi, offering amazing games of light and sound at different times of the day. 

The house is situated on one of the main streets of the Sassi, via Fiorentini, and overlooks a typical neighborhood, a complex of houses that share the same space outside, where in the past took the lives of families of Matera.


The building, dating from the first half of the 18th century, has been restored respecting the past, creating environments that combine history and comfort in an interesting reinterpretation of traditions.

Located a few metres from the town's main square, is an excellent starting point to visit the ancient quarter.

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