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It's the minimum time to visit Matera. Visiting Sassi means getting lost in the streets and getting caught up by the chaotic complexities of the structures: Via Fiorentini, Via Madonna delle Virtù, St. Peter Caveoso, Grotta, via Bruno Buozzi and then via DAddozio, St. Peter Barisano and Casa Cava. In the afternoon, after the hottest hours, go to the Belvedere of Murgia Timone, to have a breathtaking glance over the city. Try to stay there for the sunset: friends all over the world still thank me for this suggestion!

Have dinner in one of the many typical restaurants to taste the Matera bread, PDO and a pride of the town.

The next day, visit Civita and the "piano": House Noha, to better understand the history of Matera through a movie made by the FAI over the city, the Cathedral, recently restored, Palazzo Lanfranchi with the famous painting by Levi Lucania ' 61, the delicious piazza Ridola and stop there for an appetizer. Then the Palombaro Lungo, figuring the water collection system which earned the UNESCO recognition of world heritage. 

Unfortunately you already have to go away, but if you still have some time, you can visit the monastery of the Madonna delle Virtù and San Nicola dei Greci, to get an idea of the rock churches.

Stay for 3 days-the taste

The extra day allows you to enjoy the city: be fascinated by history of Matera visiting the many rock churches such as Santa Maria de Idris and San Giovanni in Monterrone, Santa Lucia alle Malve and Convicinio di Sant'Antonio.
For art lovers, don't miss the Musma (Museum of contemporary sculpture, (, where exhibitions and artworks create an effect of great beauty, the "Sistine Chapel of cave churches," la Cripta del Peccato Originale ( for reservations) or the story of José Ortega in Matera (
For lovers of trekking, in addition to the walk that from Porta Pistola in the Sasso Caveoso, across a rope bridge suspended over the Gravina leads to the Murgia Timone (sigh! now closed for security reasons), of great interest are the paths along the Matera "Grand Canyon": for details, my advice is do not forget to visit Villaggio Saraceno.
Three days are few? I think so too....

Stay more than 3 days-surroundings

But a more prolonged stay lets take a look at the surroundings to enjoy the charm of this land: the ghost town of Craco, Aliano moon 's charm badlands, Tursi Rabatana, Montalbano Ionico geological site.
Walks can be agreed with Giuseppe, owner of the property and a geologist by profession. Giuseppe will be happy to accompany you in the knowledge of the geological aspects of Basilicata.

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